20 Super Cool iPad Cases

So, you are planning to buy an iPad or you have already bought one and now you probably are searching for a case to protect your iPad. Of course you do not want the iPad to loose its “Charm”. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. The market is flooded with versatile iPad cases and depending on your personal preferences, you can buy any type of iPad case you want.

iPad and all the other shiny gadgets are prone to scratches and accidental bumps due to their light weight and small dimensions. Leather case for an iPad is always a good option because it is resilient to such conditions and has pretty impressive life span. You can buy simple leather cases which are cheap and plain with blue or black color or you can step into a next level of sophistication and chose whatever design you may like with quality and durability of leather but great looks. However, you have to pay few more bucks for these sleek toys.

Each design and every color you choose for your iPad will define how people look at your iPad. Buying an iPad itself shows that you are a “techie” person and appreciate perfectly designed stuff and adding colors and sophistication to iPad by installing iPad cases will increase the precision of who you are. Choosing bright colors will show that you want to be noticed while changing between swirling exotic sketches and quite plain ones will Ostend your vibrant and vivacious qualities, readily transmitted, as you lug along your iPad in those wonderfully enticing iPad cases.

We have summed up 20 awesome iPad cases below One of them will surely match your taste depending on whether iPad is just another toy at home, business partner, show off, and so on.

Blytheking’s iSocket Etsy Cases

blythkingor ipad case

This is an exquisite handmade iPad cover with sheer elegance and perfect class which will surely turn heads and something off beat which will surely make a statement in an ordinary store.

Cost: From $65 to $108. | Product Page

Booq Taipan Shadow

booq-taipan-shadow ipad Cover

Booq Taipan Shadow is a messenger type bag which surely has some style, portability, and provides some serious padding for your precious iPad. You can also putsome more stuff into the extra pockets it has. It is Made from the spot-on stitching, thick nylon exterior, plush lined interior, heavy duty “seatbelt-esque” strap, which is all very well done. It comes in various colors like violet, blue, black.

Cost: $69.95 | Product Page

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve.

hard candy iPad Case

Hard Candy’s cool case is available in gold-green, black, and pink, and will keep your iPad zipped safely up. Internally supports the iPad by EVA molded foam case which protects it from rubber bumps and externally gives pleasant bubbly and soft look.

Cost: $49.95 | Product Page

iLuv Flexi-Clear Case

ipad flexi case

Comes bundled with little folding stand with black, blue, clear and pink color and is a great option if you want to keep a low profile but want to keep  your iPad safe.

Cost: $29.99 | Product Page

Skooba Wrap

skooba wrap case for iPad

You can simply wrap this Velcro based simple protection if you want basic protection and put it in sling or back pack.

Cost: $17.95. | Product Page

Vers Wood Case

vers wood case ipad

This Eco- friendly case is handcrafted from wood and bamboo adding weight and stability to your iPad. Also, comes with a back stand for desktop use. It offers a soft lining but steel enforced strength.

Cost: $79.99 | Product Page

Belkin Max, vue and Grip Sleeves

belkin sleeves ipad

Manufactured by Belkin are three iPad sleeves offering different functionality. The Max’s pleated design means it squishes down for easy storage, Vue has a see-through pocket and the Grip sleeve offers a textured design for butterfingers.

Cost: $39.99 each | Product Page

Quirky Cloak

quirky cloak undercover ipad case

Made from non-sticky rubber has a double black stand by which it can positioned vertically or horizontally.

Cost: $48.33 | Product Page


colcasac ipad case

Another environment friendly awesome looking iPad case made exclusively from pure fleece and is ideal for those who want to be friends with planet.

Cost: $34.95 | Product Page

Ryan Frank Cork Sleeves for TAPE.

Designed by famous Designer Ran Frank  is cork based sleeves stylish and classy enough for your iPad.

Cost: $39.24 | Product Page

Music Skin Cases

musicskins ipad

From The Beatles, to the Sex Pistols, via Kiss, past The Grateful Dead, right through to Rihanna and Linkin Park, there’s bound to be one for a band you’re partial to. If you’re a music fan, you might fancy one of MusicSkins’ newest line of decals for the back of your iPad.

Cost: $19.99 | Product Page

Targus Hughes Leather Portfolio Slipcase

targus iPad Case

Constructed from smooth oil-tanned leather, this case looks cool, elegant and very prestigious. Manetic closure is used to keep iPad safe and scratch proof.

Cost: $50.37 | Product Page

iLuv iCC806 Leather Cover

iluv case ipad

Comes in two colors black and pink and an oriented stand which makes it quite comfortable to hold and watch movies on the iPad.

Cost: $19.46 Product Page

Marware Eco-Vue

marware ecover for ipad

Marware Eco-vue is real look iPad case and has the ability to shape shift to a carrying case, desk stand, writing stand and mobile grip when you hold the iPad in hand. The interior is made from microfiber so your iPad is cushioned against drops and is also scratch protected. The leather it is made of Is Eco-Friendly.

Cost: $44 Product Page

iPad Book

books ipad case

This case is sort of contradictory. You put you iPad in this case and everyone will think that you are carrying a book. But why? iPad is bought to show it off so why  “BOOK”?  Maybe to give you a James Bond look. The carrying case uses a linen book cloth exterior with a very nice looking natural linen color. The interior is made of 100% wool felt with a Velcro closure.

Cost: $23.95 | Product Page

Belkin Envelope

belkin envelope for iPad

iDevice accessory maker Belkin has again come up with a nice envelope design cool iPad case. Material used here is pure leather which gives it a soft and standard feel.

Cost: $59.99 | Product Page

Owl clutch

owl clutch case

Functionality is the key is the key selling point for this envelope iPad case developed by Happy Owl Studio. With a fine leathery finish and horizontal convertible stand it is worth your money and can be used as a handbag.

Cost: $64.99 | Product Page

Griffin’s Elan Passport

griffin elanpassport

Made from very nice leather like material the Griffin’s Elan Passport has killer looks. The most  prominent  feature of Griffin’s Elan Passport is it’s bare naked design which allows you to take it out easily.

Cost: $23.70 | Product Page

Marware SportShell Convertible

Marware SportShell Convertible iPad

The Sportshell may not be most stylish but it is most versatile. This case basically comes with a slim hard shell case, a removable hand strap, an angled-adjustable stand, and a photo frame. User can interchange between the two back cover provided, one in clear and one in black. As a book reader, the hand strap offers convenient and prevent accidentally dropping the iPad. The adjustable stand is perfect for using the iPad as a photo-frame or for watching movies, but it is also great as a keyboard stand for typing.

Cost: $24.99 | Product Page

I-nique’s Tuff-Luv Napa Leather Case

i-nique tuff-luv

The Tuff-luv Multi-view is handmade from high-grade genuine Napa leather. It has a patented integrated multi-view feature allowing 5 different stand-settings. Apple’s own allow two settings only. You can basically set your iPad anywhere and the snap stands allows you to adjust different viewing angles. This is a great feature because with my Apple case, I often have to slip a small book underneath the case for a higher viewing angle.

Cost: $58 | Product Page

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